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Some images are a hit. This picture has been used commercially in a variety of projects, including huge billboards on highways. Was I paid? Of course! Hi, I'm Debbie Stock. I graduated from University of Kansas with a degree in Photojournalism. I have worked on newspapers, magazines, and for public utilities such as Edison. I share a passion for travel and California beaches with millions of other fans. I built the ultimate California Beaches website and grew it for more than a decade. Today, I focus on building content for current websites I own and publish, while trying to step back once in a while to learn about technology.

Bring Life Into Focus

For dynamic impact frame a scene and get up close and personal, while holding back on the number of colors in the picture. Here are are a few of my websites:



SeeCalifornia.com is a travel, events and lifestyle website focused on California. With heavy emphasis on photography, the word "See" in the website name reflects the site's use of pictures to accompany stories and posts. If you try to cover California you'll never be ahead of the game. There are 1000 miles of beaches, more than 450 cities in 58 counties, and a population of approx. 39 million people and hundreds of millions of visitors scouring the hotspots.



Though I write about California, I live in Huntington Beach / Sunset Beach and love the vibrant music scene happening here. There are dozens of bands to listen to at local bars and restaurants. The website offers updates of things to see and do for kids, families and adults in one of the most comprehensive lists available. Tourists at conventions ask where they can go to dance. Huntington Beach does not have a venue devoted primarily to music and dance.



The first website I built was a dream to get the family involved. There are many Stocks with exceptional talents I hoped to promote. Stockteam.com is mostly about Huntington Beach now. It was the first website I built a long time ago. Its name was limiting and not relavent to subject matter so the spin-off websites came into existence and grew. The name suggests stocks and investments, in my opinion. However, the website is a local site about parks and beaches in Orange County, Calif. Other websites dedicated to my career include CaliforniaBeachPhotos.com, as I have worked professionally as a photographer for several decades.